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Friday, January 13, 2006

Well, let me try an introduction.

My name is Kelly and I'm 23. I work as a journalist in bonny Bristol. I live in a big blue house with my boyfriend Danny, also an aspiring knitter, two chubby guinea pigs Petri and Zelda, a goldfish named Forrest and Hendrix, my cat.

I started knitting in October 2005. And I couldn't do it. My copy of Knitting Made Easy was a liar. All I wanted to do was make a baby hat for a fast approaching baby (who can not notice pregnancy for 5 months?). But I perservered. A copy of Stitch N Bitch, a few tears and several ribbed scarves has meant that I am now a fairly confident knitter - bursting with more ideas than I can find time to craft.

Let's take a little tour of some previous projects, ok?

My first square. Ain't she pretty? She took hours. She's full of holes. But gorgeous none the less. Knitted from some lilac acrylic given to me by a friend when he moved into a flat and found a bag of random knitting bits. I'll one day gain a zip (it's doubled over and badly grafted) and become a pencil case of sorts.

Then came Christmas, and the inherent need to give knitted presents to all my folks. Cue big needles and ribbed scarves aplenty.

This was a trying task but sifficient enough to get me hooked, especially seeing my mum's face when she opened her package. She feigned a good smile - she's the fastest knitter in this here country (possibly) and must have noticed the dropped stitches and baggy bits. But love is blind.

Since then, I have made the obligatory kitty hat, a panta and multitudinous other small projects. I decided to tackle Knitty's Branching Out as my next learning curve project, but she'll get her own post.

So that's a potted history of Kelly's knits.

Kelly [ 8:00 PM ]

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Coming very soon... Kelly's knitting blog.

Kelly [ 11:48 PM ]