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Saturday, September 29, 2007

WARNING! Actual knitting content...

This may surprise you, but despite being almost 7 months pregnant, I have not completed a single garent for the impending bubba. This is not because I do not love to see babies swaddled in woolly loveliness, or that I haven't seen a bazillion patterns ripe for the knitting.

It's just that I have been facing my needles with indifference lately. Blame my close relationship with throwing up, lack of sleep, long working hours and general bad mood. However, the past couple of weeks have given me a renewed interest in knitting, so hopefully the bubba will have something handcrafted by its mother before it arrives (ETA December 12).

I have, however, been doing a bit of knitting. I was enthralled by the latest Knitty and quickly cast on for Back to Basics. Ok, so it's not the most exciting sock in the world, but it's a twist on the usual, isn't it?

Do heed the designer's warning - these socks come up big. Idly knitting in front of the TV has left me a sock that would be more aptly suited to my giant-footed brethren than myself. I am stalling on sock 2 until he has tried it on and confirmed whether this is a viable project...

There's more, and it'll come as soon as daylight does (and photography can be completed).

Kelly [ 9:01 PM ]

Ok, so I am still lacking in that proper post....

It's because I got my Ravelry invite.

I'm PurlFriday there... hope that you're not all still watching your inbox!

Kelly [ 1:52 PM ]

Monday, September 17, 2007

Psst! I am knitting again!

Wowzers, I bet you didn't expect this to light up on your Bloglines again.

Yup, Purl Friday is still knitting. In fact, she will be doing very little else when she kicks off her maternity leave next month.

What's that? Yes. Purl Friday and the The Boy are expecting a little wool swaddled bundle of joy in December. Long story. Proper update soon though!

Kelly [ 11:14 AM ]