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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Woolly joy!

I prefix this post with a warning that I am broke. Totally broke beyond belief. But I have always been curious about Knitpicks. They are a great source of curiosity to Brits as they don't ship here. I am also yet to find a very affordable source of 100% wool for my musings and $1.99 a ball (albeit a bit scratchy) sounds amazing.

So I ordered some goodies today. Some Knitpicks Gloss to make myself Thermal from Winter Knitty, a couple of monochrome balls of Telemark to make some piratey happiness and plenty of Palette for little colourwork projects from Eunny. The whole lot only cost a bit over £20, which isn''t bad at all if you ask me.

There's no progress shots of my sock as it has remained untouched for a couple of days but the sock and I have a date with a mug of coffee and some ginger nuts tonight.

I will also be flying a lot over the coming weekend, giving me lots of down time to enjoy knitting and bad food. Hurrah! I also hope to find a LYS in St Augustine (know of any?) to pick up some US yarny goodies...

Kelly [ 1:02 PM ]

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Starting small...

Yes guys, I'm knitting again.

I started by heading back to Stitch and Bitch and meeting up with all the wonderful ladies and their amazing creations. The crowd hadn't changed much in the months I was gone but it was good to see a few new faces!

I have to say that I did finish the Central Park Hoodie, although I didn't manage to sew in the ends before I went to New York so it couldn't be unveilled in Central Park. Besides, it was too damned cold to take off the two billion layers I was wearing anyway.

Out of love for Miss Eunny's creations (and to celebrate her being appointed to head honcho of my favourite knitting mag) I decided to give entrelac a try. It looks a bit like voodoo and I have to admit that it did require me to put blind faith in the instructions that I was using. I started with some squeaky old acrylic and really got into the motions of it, although I realised my picking up of stitches looks screwy and all those ends to sew in would have just annoyed me. So it'll get frogged in time, but I will definitely consider it for proper projects in the future.

Instead, I decided I needed something basic:

A simple sock, using the self-striping I dyed about a year ago! I am kicking myself for not making this yarn into a pair of Jaywalkers for myself, but I couldn't remember the cast on number late yesterday evening and my lack of internet access meant I couldn't look it up. But they are proving incredibly speedy and relaxing to knit - this much progress was made during a part-episode of Grey's Anatomy. It's also the perfect size and difficulty to stash in my bag in the hopes of making progress on the short train journey to work.

Let's finish with the lovely view from the window of my new place:

Kelly [ 3:27 PM ]