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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Because updates without pictures are boring...

Here's my little brother modelling a Panta. Possibly the most knitted item on the 'net. I am about to make another one to throw in a parcel for my latest Craftster swap. Which is why I need a "What to Knit Next" list:

* A cabled panta for my swap partner

* My first pair of socks (I'm in the finishing stretch of my second sock - not far to go now)

* My cabled newsboy hat that I started at SnB last night as an anti-thesis to the tiny gauge of my socks. I'm mad on cables right now. I am making it extra big to accomodate all my hair :)

* Birthday socks for Mum - only a month and a half to do them

* The One Skein Scarf from Happy Hooker. Ok, this is not strictly knitting, but I want to make it. It's lovely. We'll not let the fact that I cannot crochet interfere with this of course...

* A pair of arm warmers for me. I am not sure which ones - it might be a case of whipping up a pattern of my own. Blue ones though I think. And definitely fuzzy.

In other news, I have realised that I don't really wear my bell-sleeved shrug that I made a little while ago. It is made of lovely Debbie Bliss Maya which I could knit in to something that I'd use a lot more. Its days are numbered.

Kelly [ 12:09 PM ]

Monday, March 27, 2006


Check it out! A completed sock! This is slightly out of date as I have half-finished its partner already but - WOW! Hand knitted socks are a beautiful thing - incredibly warm and soft. I am looking forward to have a whole pair...

I made one silly mistake with my first sock - removing the stitch markers while I worked on the foot. You need to keep them in place to shape the toe but I didn't realise that. I popped them back on where I thought that they should go but I don't think I was quite right.

It didn't make much difference to their wearability. I am still in love. I have decided to make knitted socks for a few upcoming birthdays so I will hopefully hit Get Knitted for their open day on Saturday and increase sock knitting supplies. Opal on sale? Mmmm...

Kelly [ 11:37 AM ]

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Where my dealer at?

Like for most addicts, finding a little extra cash at the end of the month is a bonus. I was having a glance at my Paypal account when I discovered some forgotten funds so I headed to my favourite supplier The Natural Dye Studio.

This stuff is as soft as butter and beautifully dyed using all natural ingredients. This is Australian sock wool that I'll be using to make a pair of Jaywalkers as soon as I finish my socks that are on the go. I didn't believe it when someone told me that they were addictive but I found myself working on them IN THE BATH last night.

I'm off work today with a yucky tummy bug so after I have tidied up and gotten all packed up (off to Mum's for the weekend - no housework and on-hand Stitch Doctor), I will finish off Sock A and master the Kitchener stitch. It actually looks deceptively easy.

That's how I felt abut turning the heel of the sock. It was actually difficult. You just needed your wits about you - not the sort of thing to try which half watching TV. But we'll see...

Kelly [ 10:31 AM ]

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Someone beat me to it.

But I still refuse to follow her pattern as a matter of principle. Real red hat girls don't need a pattern. Hmph.

Anyhoo, I want it in DK cotton. There's no way ANYONE wears worsted weight yarn in a Kentucky summer.

Kelly [ 11:39 AM ]

Last night, I stayed up a little late watching a DVD. For those of you in the UK, treat yourself to 3 free rental from I haven't got the link to hand but it is easy enough to find. The first thing they sent me was Elizabethtown, starring Kirstin Dunst and Orlando Bloom. I didn't expect miracles but this was particularly bad. But something did catch my eye...

Look at that hat! Mmmm... I could use something like that for chilly mornings walking along the waterfront to work. And there's a lovely quote in the film that made me grin too...

You can go to your car and the rest
of the directions will take you home.
Iook for a girl in a red hat...
who's waiting for you
with an alternate plan

I am definitely a red hat girl. So let's have a closer look...

It's a loose fitting red beanie. I quite fancy it in cotton myself. It has panels with 3 1x1 ribs followed by a C4F I think.

There's only one thing I can do. Pick up a couple of balls of red DK cotton at lunchtime and figure this baby out. For all the red hat girls out there...

Kelly [ 9:19 AM ]

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Ladies and gentleman...

We have a heel. Oh yeah.

Kelly [ 9:22 PM ]

Finally, a lovely little chart for Boo!

This won't be his final resting place - he'll soon be in the patterns section, to the right of this entry. But I think he is happy here now.

And he's clearly to small to read comfortably there so click here:

I made him in Excel during my lunch hour - what do you think? And is there a better/faster/more accurate way of making charts?

Kelly [ 1:52 PM ]

A nice speculative post...

So Mary Kate looks a treat in her eternity shawl. To be honest, I think she bounces between the roles of style maven and bag lady. And if I met her, I'd buy her a pie. But I like the shawl. liked it too. But £120? Nope. I can make this. It has reminded me of a stash of pale blue mohair mix that I have residing in the bottom of a plastic box. I might not love it enough to consider mastering the moebius cast on but I can easily knit a long scarf on big needles in mohair and graft the ends together. A little lace patterning, the odd YO and I'll have saved myself £120.

Although I must first finish my sock. I reached heel territory before work this morning and intend to turn-away this evening...

Kelly [ 12:06 PM ]

Monday, March 20, 2006

Forgive my blog.

It is in the darkest reaches of redesign.

Kelly [ 12:14 PM ]

Sunday, March 19, 2006

When a sock is born...

Image hosting by Photobucket

There sits the mottled beginnings of my first sock. Before I reach the horror stories of heel turning, he just sits there, small and stripey, with neat rows of stitches and tiny needles that look like toothpicks. Isn't he cute?

Image hosting by Photobucket

I have also cast on a lurid blue acrylic Fair Isle hat for myself to keep me calm during those dark heel turning days. I imagine it'll be finished long before I have a whole pair of socks...

Kelly [ 5:17 PM ]

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mum's Arm Warmers - complete!

I feel if my mum has chosen to look at this despite my warnings, she deserves to have the surprise spoilt :)

EDIT: Pattern now correct. Cast on 37 stitches, not 38!

These were a deliciously quick knit and I love them. Here's the vital statistics:

Name: Chevron Arm Warmers

Pattern: My own, although the stitch pattern was taken from the Elongated Chevron that can be found here:

Yarn: Wendy Wool Aran in Forest Green, probably a lot less than 100g, judging by how much I have left

Needles: 4.5mm straight

Difficulty: Easy

Time taken: A few hours

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

Fancy a pair of your own? Read on...

You'll need:

* About 100g of your favourite yarn. Aran weight wool and 4.5mm make a woman's large, but I imagine that DK weight and 4mm needles would make a nice woman's medium. If in doubt, swatch.

* Straight needles in apprpriate size.

Cast on 37 stitches. Work in 2 x 2 rib for 4 inches, or to desired cuff length.

Begin stitch pattern as follows:

Row 1: p1, *(k2, p2) twice, k1, (p2, k2) twice, p1; rep from *
Row 2: k1, *(p2, k2) twice, p1, (k2, p2) twice, k1; rep from *
Row 3: Rep row 1
Row 4: Rep row 2
Row 5: (p2, k2) twice, *p3, k2, p2, k2; rep from * to last 2 sts, p2
Row 6: (k2, p2) twice, *k3, p2, k2, p2; rep from * to last 2 sts, k2
Row 7: Rep row 5
Row 8: Rep row 6
Row 9: Rep row 2
Row 10: Rep row 1
Row 11: Rep row 2
Row 12: Rep row 1
Row 13: Rep row 6
Row 14: Rep row 5
Row 15: Rep row 6
Row 16: Rep row 5

Continue pattern repeats until desired length is reached. I used 3 but I imagine 4 could make a nice elbow length pair though.

Finish with just under an inch of 2 x 2 ribbing. Bind off in pattern

Seam edges using a stitch of your choice, remembering to leave space for your thumbs to peek out.

Voila! No more cold wrists for you!

Kelly [ 12:36 PM ]

Thursday, March 16, 2006

No matter how many times you click the 'Recover post' button...

It won't bring back the entry I just wrote, will it?

All has been quiet on the blogging front as I decided to step away from my needles following 'Knit Rage 2006'. To soothe my soul, I crafted Gus.

Please resist all temptation to pick him up and cuddle him until his wonky eye pops out.

Praise is flooding in for King Boo - he is now living it up in the 70 degree heat in Virginia. No, I am not bitter. Well, slightly. See him being loved by his new owner over on Craftster:

I must write up the chart so his adoring fans can have their own spooky head gear before spring arrives.

Onward to new knitted heights. For you fellow UK dwellers, you'll know Mother's Day is only just over a week away. And I have been knitting diligently something to hand over on the day. Something pretty enough for a stranger to offer me £15 for. A lot for an easy knit, I should have considered it!

However, it must stay shrouded in mystery a little longer. Yes Mum. I can see you reading this. Naughty.

To appease everyone, here's some WIP shots with my favourite knitter's assistant.

And on a final note. ALWAYS READ EBAY DESCRIPTIONS FULLY. 400g does not always mean 4 100g balls. Oh no. And you'll know it when you are trekking this baby around town...

Kelly [ 10:48 PM ]

Monday, March 13, 2006

I have suffered some KA. Knit Anger.

One moment, I was delighted to be reaching the crown decreases of Nippertails. I was envisaging how cute I would look with my pigtails bobbing up and down as I skipped to work. I was marveling at how amazing my Kool Aid dyed wool was looking all knitted up.

Then disaster struck. I tried ripping back. Then I started crying. And ripping. And crying more. Why wasn't it working?

Now I have several small balls of wool (it was striped), as rescued by my understanding boyfriend. Hat knitting season is officially over for me. I can't even look at the wool again yet...

Watch this space for a new project.

Kelly [ 12:32 PM ]

Monday, March 06, 2006

Nintendo Knits FTW!

All rise for King Boo! This hat was my first attempt at colour work other than stripes and a great triumph in seeing something through from vague idea to finished product. I am very pleased with it! Unfortunately., his royal highness isn't for me. He'll soon be sandwiched in a Jiffy bag and heading out to Virginia for a new home with my Craftster swap buddy...

Right time for some statistics methinks!

Name: King Boo hat

Pattern: Mine! Squee!

Yarn: Lovely Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran for the main hat, accents from bits and pieces of acrylic/wool blend found in my stash

Notes: Ok, so I should have used intarsia. But I hadn't gotten around to making the charts when I got that far up the hat. Consequently, there's a lot of duplicate stitch on that thar hat. Anyway, I love it. However, there are many ends to be sewn in before it can be rehomed...

Kelly [ 10:03 PM ]

Friday, March 03, 2006

What on Earth is that I hear you cry. It does look a wee bit scary, but it's definitely knitting. And it has been giving me nightmares...

It's a WIP - my swap hat for the VG swap on Craftster. Man, I have been dragging my heels with this one. When complete, it'll resemble a Boo from the Mario games. You know the guys. evil wee critters. I was worried that he was looking a little bit soft and cuddly though. So I soldiered on hesitantly...

But fortunately, as you can see, adding his eyebrows does give him an awfully sinister look..

Better go and finish him up. A one-eyed Boo is an angry Boo.

Kelly [ 8:20 PM ]

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Knitting for non-knitters can be rewarding!
Just look above at my lovely friend Sara sporting her Kittyville hat. You can't see the hat clearly but I rarely think that matters when it comes to these - hasn't everyone knit one?
There is a thread over at Craftster (in fact it's http:// that talks about the woes of knitting for non-knitters. In my humble opinion, it does go both ways. Firstly, there is the friend who thinks you cough out sweaters in your sleep. Don't make her anything, it'll only encourage her. But then there's the friend who is always in awe of the amazing things you can make with sticks and string. The Kittyville hat is a doddle to knit, but it didn't stop a giant grin spreading across Sara's face and her proudly wearing it for the entire evening.
Remember y'all, knitting is an art. And occasionally giving away your goodies reminds people just how cool it is.
Now, back to my next act of knitting generosity... a swap hat.

Kelly [ 9:36 PM ]