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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Squeeze in a little one before the end of the year?

Almost the end of 2006... and I have done a whole lot of knitting this year. I believe I have made the bumpy transition from beginner to comfy intermediate/advanced...

I have some lovely pics of my festive knits being enjoyed but due to a technological malfunction, they'll have to wait until 2007 to be enjoyed. Until then, I have gotten started on what should be my first FO of 2007. The Central Park Hoodie from Knitscene. Although I am yet to join the knit-a-long, I seem to be in good company... even Cara is swatching this beauty.

Two sleeves a-blocking.

I am about a foot through the back as well - this sure goes quickly. I'm using Debbie Bliss Merino Aran, bought back when the John Lewis sale contained stuff you actually wanted to buy... it's probably best that I don't find any more yarn to buy at the moment as my February trip to Purl Soho will probably dent my credit card!

However, I did find one bargain THAT I couldn't leave there...

50p, from House of Fraser. We all need a woolly Sad Sack.


Kelly [ 7:58 PM ]

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Burnt out on festive knitting

Ugh.. Is it the 26th yet?

I have reall done myself damage trying to get the festive knitting done. I figured I was short on cash (giant council tax bill) but heavy on yarn, so hats, gloves and socks all round. However, for the past couple of weeks at least, festive knitting has been far from enjoyable. I love being able to tackle my time over a project, enjoying the process and looking forward to seeing the results. It's also nice to be able to put a project down when it falls out of favour, without worrying that you won't finish it on time.

Regrettably, I've not managed to photograph many of the holiday knits that are already swatched in chic paper. Hopefully their recipients won't be camera shy on Christmas Day!

Here's a couple of things that I managed to catch on camera today.

Pattern: Eowyn by Theresa Venning, Rowan 38

Yarn: Rowan Polar in Dark Truffle. It's a deep chocolatey brown, unlike my pictures show. I used around 70g I suspect.

Needles: US10 1/2

Time taken. You could make these in an evening if you liked. They are seriously quick and knit flat for you DPN-phobics.

Modifications: Not many. The pattern suggests using 2 strands of Rowan Kid Classic held together but I was knitting from stash and opted to use the Polar. It works well, although I hate to see my cables eaten by fluffiness.

This is a great quick pattern for gifting. the cabled 'arm bits' are knit flat and seamed up the middle. Although this doesn't look too unsightly, I'd definitely make this part in the round if I gave them another go.

The lace edgiong was interesting it's knit from right to left using a lace pattern witha changing number of stitches. This was the firsat I'd encountered this but took it in my stride and any mistakes have been eaten up by the fluff. Besides, there's only 4 repeats of the pattern...

And, solely for your amusement, Calorimetry from Knitty. Knit in lovely violet llama. About 30g.

I won't be abandoning knitting for modeling for a long time yet...

Kelly [ 6:07 PM ]

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Not blogging but knitting!

Ok, so my posts here have few and far between. But I have still been putting sticks to string, often at a rapid pace. I thought I was being clever when I decided to knit a bunch of Christmas gifts. Besides, I had muchos yarn and very little cash. But it has backfired and I now have a shedload of unfinished projects. Some people have been working against me though...

My wonderful little brother. I spent three weekends in a row with him eating into my knitting time. I don't mind though. This pic was taken on his birthday. Like all mature 17 year olds, he decided to go to the zoo.

This little guy had a crush on him. How cute is that? Some people are less subtle about their knitting sabotage...

These are the key stages of Leroy vs Nautie. Nautie survived relatively unscathed, losing only a single i-cord tentacle. Leroy sustained a small shouting at, followed by cuddles that undid my strict discipline.

Other things helped with knitting...

The gingerbread lattes and mince pie are self explanatory, but that knitted mess is an earflap hat for the pesky brother. It's already wrapped up for Christmas though, much like many of my other knits.

In reality, I am about three projects away from throwing in the hat and having my festive knitting complete. As I treat to myself, I have already started my next sweater...

It's Central Park from the previous Knitscene. I am only half a sleeve in but it's so quick and lovely that I plan to be wearing it before the New Year. Or at least have it finished in the hope that my mother will offer to seam it up for me. I am rather lazy when it comes to finishing things. Speaking of which, I should get back to the needles...

Kelly [ 10:50 PM ]