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Monday, March 27, 2006


Check it out! A completed sock! This is slightly out of date as I have half-finished its partner already but - WOW! Hand knitted socks are a beautiful thing - incredibly warm and soft. I am looking forward to have a whole pair...

I made one silly mistake with my first sock - removing the stitch markers while I worked on the foot. You need to keep them in place to shape the toe but I didn't realise that. I popped them back on where I thought that they should go but I don't think I was quite right.

It didn't make much difference to their wearability. I am still in love. I have decided to make knitted socks for a few upcoming birthdays so I will hopefully hit Get Knitted for their open day on Saturday and increase sock knitting supplies. Opal on sale? Mmmm...

Kelly [ 11:37 AM ]
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Wow that is so wierd!!
i just finished my first sock too AND I took out the stitch markers then put them back in later!!
PLUS I am planning on making socks for Christmas gifts! (a bit early, I know!)

By Anonymous rosie, at 7:02 PM, March 30, 2006  

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