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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Where my dealer at?

Like for most addicts, finding a little extra cash at the end of the month is a bonus. I was having a glance at my Paypal account when I discovered some forgotten funds so I headed to my favourite supplier The Natural Dye Studio.

This stuff is as soft as butter and beautifully dyed using all natural ingredients. This is Australian sock wool that I'll be using to make a pair of Jaywalkers as soon as I finish my socks that are on the go. I didn't believe it when someone told me that they were addictive but I found myself working on them IN THE BATH last night.

I'm off work today with a yucky tummy bug so after I have tidied up and gotten all packed up (off to Mum's for the weekend - no housework and on-hand Stitch Doctor), I will finish off Sock A and master the Kitchener stitch. It actually looks deceptively easy.

That's how I felt abut turning the heel of the sock. It was actually difficult. You just needed your wits about you - not the sort of thing to try which half watching TV. But we'll see...

Kelly [ 10:31 AM ]