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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Hey? It's yellow!

I need to step up the photography - I keep forgetting to bring my camera out with me. There's plenty of yellow and orange stuff all over Bristol!

My reason for updating is...

It is causing me more than a little anxiety. I love a lot of the patterns in this book. And I love Debbie's witty banter that peppers the ample explanations. But f*ck a duck, I don't love crochet.

I guess I have gotten used to knowing what I am doing - memories of crying as my bumpy mishapen holey creations fell of my needles are fading. Crochet seems like it should be easier but I just get frustrated that it doesn't feel as fluid as knitting now does. I persevered for an hour last night and created 'The Crochet Creature'. I wish I had photographed him for this update. He is a sickly creature. He was supposed to be a square of single crochet...

To remedy this, I started the Cascading Leaves socks in my lovely springy hand dyed wool. It is truly beautiful. The pattern is simple and easy enough to potter along with... unfortunately, I fear the wool will come up short. Fingers crossed!

Kelly [ 11:19 AM ]
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mmm crochet. i'm so going to learn. but... i just don't like the look of crochet fabric as much as knitted stuff

By Blogger Alice, at 2:47 PM, April 06, 2006  

Crochet is a fab skill to have. It's great for adding borders to knitted items and such. I agree with Alice that I prefer the finished look of knitted fabric, but for lacy or flowery edges, there's nothing like crochet! Good luck!

By Blogger Christina, at 9:07 PM, April 06, 2006  

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