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Thursday, April 13, 2006

It's Easter and I've got the clap*...

*not really, but I had a big grin on my face as I wrote this...

With one Cascading Leaves sock sat on my sofa waiting for a Kitchener stitch on the toe, I decided I should cast on something new. Finances still aren't looking promising enough for my red Cashmerino Boob Holder so I decided to look into my stash. I found a cone of gorgeous purple/pink/blue light DK/heavy 4ply that was crying to be made into something pretty.

So I cast on a Clapotis for a lovely family friend who doesn't forgt my birthday. It took a couple of attempts - firstly due to feline intervention - as I find starting with only a couple of stitches rather cumbersome. I am well in to the increase rows and wait in anticipation to start dropping stitches. It's a bit of a treat to knit - a nice mix between simple and stimulating. And getting the clap for £2 will make me very happy indeed.

Easter is a free wheeling 4 days of work free fun. I will:

* Graft the toe of the stray sock

* Continue with the clap

* Sew some polka dot joy - my little sister is moving out so she'll appreciate some pretty cushions and make up bags hopefully.

* Attack and complete my first big sewing project - Karina in adorable terry toweling.

Happy Easter!

Kelly [ 1:40 PM ]