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Thursday, June 01, 2006


It seems that Blogger was sick of my rantings and decided to refuse to let me update for the past few days. It seems that I am the winner though...

Mmm... admire Rogue! I have actually now completed this sleeve and am well on my way with the second one. Unfortunately, I made that timeless mistake of knitting during Lost. And "lost" track of what row I was on. Consequently I ended up with a squat mystery cable that was very hard to rip back. Luckily, The Boy was on hand to fix it. I also runied an attempt to do a Luckenbooth medallion in the pub. Some days I hate knitting.

Which is a shame as I have a family knitting legacy...

I inherited this lovely box of wool over the weekend. It's a real mixed bag - mostly 4ply acrylic/wool blends and very dusty - but I feel compelled to make beautiful things with it. I think Fair Isle mittens and socks might not be a bad idea and intend to procure a copy of Folk Mittens from the library this afternoon.

And the new Magknits is up! None of that foo foo weirdness from Knitty... just lovely and rather practical things.

My favourites:
Mmm... socks.

Gorgeous Melissa does it again with her phenomenal patience for fiddly wool and small needles. I don't think I can stretch to cashmere for this one sadly.

Right, back to the grind. And then home, to a poorly Boy and the second sleeve of Rogue, who has declared herself a one woman knit and not something to attempt during any sort of conversation :)

Kelly [ 9:35 AM ]
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Hi, just wondering where I could find the pattern for Rogue from, it looks amazing... as do all your FOs *envy*

By Blogger itslikearuin, at 1:19 PM, June 01, 2006  

Never, ever try to knit during Lost! I learned that lesson long ago! It's always the longest hour of the week because I have to put my knitting aside.

*loves Lost, loves knitting*

*is sad that Lost and knitting don't love each other*

By Blogger Christina, at 6:18 PM, June 01, 2006  

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