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Friday, June 09, 2006

I'm back! And I have actually been knitting!

Well, it's been a long time coming but I have finally found a layout I like. Everything seems to work smoothly but if you get swallowed and chewed up by some nasty code, I cannot be held responsible. And while this HTML chaos has been swirling, I have been knitting. Which is probably what you're interested in. Shall we take a look?

I put together this (badly photographed) swap package for
a lucky recipient in a Craftster swap. She sent a list of favourite colours over so I tried to use a little of each. In case you cannot make it out, there's a panta, some hand dyed wool, a polka dot headband and some nifty fabric. I actually really loved that fabric but she's an awesome seamstress and will probably do it much more justice than I ever could!

The panta was made from some delicious hand dyed goodness from The Natural Dye Studio - I'd had it stashed so long that there's no way I was going to make much useful out of it. It's pale pink with little flecks of brown... it reminded me of salmon. Anyway, it was deliciously soft.

The fortunate weather meant that my hand dyed wool could dry on the line. It's Jaegar Matchmaker DK, hastily bought as House of Fraser were closing. It's dyed with Koolaid and then skeined and wrapped. I have left the photos a little blurry to conceal the identity of the recipient - clever, eh?

Blogger is acting up but I will finish this update later!

Kelly [ 7:57 PM ]