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Saturday, July 22, 2006

I was wrong. I don't make mistakes...

I couldn't just leave that beautiful fair isle hat unwearable. So I bit the carefully stitched bullet and pulled apart the crown decreases.

Angry with myself, I added 8 straight rows before beginning the decreases, where I slipped in a couple of even rows for good luck. Et voila - a perfectly wearable hat. While I had the camera out, I also snapped The Boy in this fetching number. It's a quick homespun experiment from a little while ago - the spinning wasn't my doing but the hat is kinda cute.

Which brings me to another problem - my model. He is kinda handsome - hell, that's why I keep him handy! - but whenever he steps in to model one of my knitted creations and I post about it over on the knitting community of Livejournal, more people comment on his dimples than actually notice my lovely stitchery. Grrr!

I'll give him his moment of glory. For now. I was painfully proud as I watched him practice his first Fair Isle at SnB last week...

Kelly [ 6:06 PM ]